Breakfast Paninis


Oops! Started working on this post before Christmas and forgot about it.

I was playing around with the family Christmas present a week or so early  🙂   It was the Christmas ‘season’ after all.


This is for 5 people.

Saute 1/2 of a large onion, then add 10 scrambled eggs seasoned with salt and pepper to the pan.

Cook till almost done. Shut the pan off and kept stirring to dry the eggs out a bit (we hate wet eggs);

Add 1 cup shredded pepper jack chess and stir it to melt.

Place 1/5 of mixture on one 1/2 of flatbread, fold flatbread in half and place on Panini press (set to high) for  3-5 minutes. We can fix 3 folded sandwiches at a time on this Cuisinart unit.

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