December 9

Training and Teaching

I’ve spent most of my sewing career just sewing, but occasionally get the chance to teach, and I do enjoy that a lot as well.

For a few weeks in the summer of 2014, I did some teaching time at Kelowna Aerospace (then Kelowna Flightcraft) teaching their new seamstress, Kara, the ins and outs of the airplane elevator curtain pattern I made a few years before. It was definitely a time that benefited each of us: Kara for sewing skills and my own teaching skills as well. I also made a full instruction manual for anyone dealing with the curtains in the future.

Recently, I’ve been helping a friend learn the type of sewing she wants to do, such as hemming & patching, yet also working on sewing machine care, technique, sewing supplies, types of needles for various fabrics. She uses her machine in my shop, and I make sure she can do which ever procedure she wants to learn on her sewing machine alone, as she doesn’t have a fancy or heavy duty machine, nor a serger. I did this years ago for another friend, but looks like it’s something that others would be interested in as well, so I’m now open to teaching through my business. Please use my contact page if this is something you are interested in. I have one lady that I will possibly be working with in the new year, but there’s room for more students. Because each person is at a different stage and has different preferences on what they want to sew, I prefer to do one on one and will tailor the lessons to the person and the equipment they have.

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