January 12

Nails in the Sewing Room

For most sewers, especially those dealing with rough fabrics, maintaining nice nails in the sewing room can be a challenge. Our nails are typically trimmed or filed down to the nail bed to prevent any threads from getting caught on the sides and tearing in the middle of the nail bed.

I really do like bling, but regular nail polish is simply a waste of time and money. This is a worse case scenario, but  few years back, I made my nails all up nicely with regular polish in the evening, and in the morning I tackled a very rough SUNBRELLA® fabric (fibreglass) project only to see almost all the polish torn/sanded off in less than couple hours. Although most fabrics don’t trash regular nail polish quite that quickly, I resigned myself to only having pretty toe nails. LOL

I’ve been using gel nail polish since the summer of 2015 after having them done in a salon for a daughter’s wedding. The durability of the product,  the protection it gave my nails, and the ability to keep my nails a nice length was so impressive that last September, I invested in a gel polish kit complete with the lamp, polish, etc. purchase through Aliexpress.com, a direct from overseas buying site that is reputable like e-bay. Whereas I used to break 1-2 nails a week if I tried to maintain any length, I’ve only broken 4 since last July! I typically freshen the nails with a new top coat once a week, and a few other tricks, but can actually go 2 and often 3 weeks before re-doing them completely. Never thought bling could be helpful! 🙂

These last couple days, I was able to put the gel polish to a really good test with more fiberglass fabric. This fabric is not as rough as the other one I used, but is still very abrasive. Before starting the job, I took the before picture after freshening up one index finger to also compare the one week old polish to fresh with one top coat.

The verdict? After 4 hours work, my nails  are not damaged at all, the colored polish is unscathed, and the shiny top coat, (mainly the index fingers which usually take a week to wear off) was worn down on the tips. I can see that it would wear off the main color after a days work with such a rough fabric, but think the nails would have little or no damage. There was also only one top coat, so they would have worn even better with the normal two top coats.

I tried taking an “after” picture, but the light damage is not showing up on the pics.

To me, the minimal effort in keeping up the gel polish is worth keeping nice looking nails. Now I’m off to do a quick buff on each nail and apply a quick top coat for another’s week work of wear or maybe it’s time to strip them down for a fresh look. After all, it’s been two weeks and I do love bling! 🙂


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