March 27

Custom Electronics Bag

Field Talk Radio Bag - Front

Besides starting businesses and watching them grow, it’s also interesting to be involved with someone else who is heading that way. That is what I was blessed to be a part of with Jason Poitras and Field Talk Radios, before he sold it to another entrepreneur.

He came to me at the very beginning of his project that uses blue tooth technology to interact with various survey equipment. He had a bag designed to strap the equipment to surveying tripods and wanted a local company to do the production. What started as 10 units in March, that took a few months to sell, has now translated into 60 more units in the same time period, and ending up making hundreds. Well done!

So, here’s the pics:

Front of the bag with flap open:

Backside with both straps showing:

Field Talk Radio Bag – back

Backside with top strap detailed velcro closure and vinyl to help it stay on the pole.

Original posting: June 8, 2008