May 28

Sherban Armchair Covers

What a blessing to see the Sherbans again. I previously made valances for them several years back. See those here. This time, it was armchair covers for their new chairs that just didn’t come with any arm covers. They were able to get more fabric from the store they bought the chairs from, and popped in to see me.

It was a simple two piece project with roughly a 6″ square front, with rounded corner at the top, and an over the arm piece. They brought the overall measurements for over the arm, as well as the depth, and a cardboard template of the front of the arm.

It was a simple project, but a blessing to see the Sherbans again. 🙂

Left Arm Cover
Arm Cover
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Posted May 28, 2014 by Angela Trenholm in category "Custom", "Upholstery

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