June 14

Purse Zippers

It just seems to happen. We get a favorite purse and some minor thing makes it unusable: a broken strap or a zipper that isn’t closing or is jamming.

Don’t throw it out yet!

One client brought two purses to me this week with the same issue: the zipper was popping open/wouldn’t seal.

The issue?  The same that is the problem with at least 80 percent of the zipper repairs I see (jacket,  purse, backpack,  sleepingbag): the slider.

It does take a little longer to replace the slider than with a jacket, as I have to open some stitching and reseal the area, but it’s still a quick,  inexpensive fix at $7.50-10.00.

Straps can be just as simple and inexpensive as well, so before you throw that favorite item out, pop on in to see me to get your free quote (and I do not go over my quotes.)

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Posted June 14, 2015 by Angela Trenholm in category "Bags", "Custom", "Zippers

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