May 1

Hot Water Bottle Stuffy

This job was a few years ago, and it was so much fun! A young man hoped I could help him with this special present for his girlfriend. He was so excited about it, and I thought it was a terrific idea.

March 22

The Bunny Suit

Once in a while, I get some really cute stuff that I enjoy, and although we don’t do the “Easter Bunny thing” as a family, this was a fun job. I did not actually make the suit, but altered it to fit better and replaced the zipper.

When Pat sent me the pics, she hadn’t yet typed up the story behind it, but here it is now:

In December 1986, Whitetooth, a community ski area, opened in Golden, BC. One of the great things about ski areas in small communities it is easier to organize fun events at short notice. One of the fun events that began the first couple of years after opening was the Easter Egg Hunt for kids and the Pink Easter Bunny. Following years saw the addition of treasure hunts, parent-child races, obstacle courses, snow volleyball, Easter Bonnet and Easter Suits (for the ladies and gentlemen respectively), and pot luck BBQ’s at the ski area. When the area became Kicking Horse Resort two of the original ski patrollers approached the resort about having the Easter Bunny skiing around the mountain giving out Easter eggs. The answer was yes and the tradition of the pink bunny is continued when ever the mountain is open on Easter . An Easter Egg Hunt for the younger kids is also a big part of the day. Why a pink bunny you ask? Because it is difficult to see a white one on the snow and the bunny does not want to get run over by skies and snowboarders.

Here’s the note she sent me with the pics:

Hi Angela,

Here are a couple pictures taken Easter Sunday. Hope you can use them for your advertising. It was a fun day as usual. What was even better was no one pulled the tail off this year. Thanks again from the Easter Bunny – AKA Pat Howard

October 7, 2010