October 19

The Skarf

Kim & Michelle came to me with this project 10 months ago,  and I was able to work with them to make their vision a reality. Working under a non-disclosure agreement, and several prototypes later, I’m pleased  to let everyone know about this special project by Reign & Grey – The Skarf.

“Working with Angela has been a great experience. Her quality of work and attention to detail really helped us with the Skarf. Thank you for your commitment to us and our project.” – Kim & Michelle

To see how you can get involved & share their Kickstarter Campaign, click here: Kickstarter

Every scarf you see in the video was personally sewn by me – Angela

The Skarf Today:

We were determined to create a Scarf that was perfect. One that would stay put, was super easy to put on and take off and wouldn’t destroy your hair and makeup in the process. We spent a year developing the perfect prototype.  We think you will agree with us that we have done it!!

1 - kakhi & small clasp

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June 14

Purse Zippers

It just seems to happen. We get a favorite purse and some minor thing makes it unusable: a broken strap or a zipper that isn’t closing or is jamming.

Don’t throw it out yet!

One client brought two purses to me this week with the same issue: the zipper was popping open/wouldn’t seal.

The issue?  The same that is the problem with at least 80 percent of the zipper repairs I see (jacket,  purse, backpack,  sleepingbag): the slider.

It does take a little longer to replace the slider than with a jacket, as I have to open some stitching and reseal the area, but it’s still a quick,  inexpensive fix at $7.50-10.00.

Straps can be just as simple and inexpensive as well, so before you throw that favorite item out, pop on in to see me to get your free quote (and I do not go over my quotes.)

May 28

Sherban Armchair Covers

What a blessing to see the Sherbans again. I previously made valances for them several years back. See those here. This time, it was armchair covers for their new chairs that just didn’t come with any arm covers. They were able to get more fabric from the store they bought the chairs from, and popped in to see me.

It was a simple two piece project with roughly a 6″ square front, with rounded corner at the top, and an over the arm piece. They brought the overall measurements for over the arm, as well as the depth, and a cardboard template of the front of the arm.

It was a simple project, but a blessing to see the Sherbans again. 🙂

Left Arm Cover
Arm Cover
May 27

Rudder & Elevator Curtains

Yes, you read right – elevator & rudder curtains. Not the kind that get put in elevator walls to prevent damage when furniture, etc. is being moved in and out of buildings, but “elevator curtains” that are fitted in the elevator and rudder areas of aircraft, specifically for Convair aircraft.

These jobs require me making a pattern from sometimes very old, very ripped samples that had previously been in airplanes, then making new ones – usually ten at a time -requiring 12 hours a piece.

Just wanting to showcase some of the more “interesting” work I’ve done. This is not likely something the average customer would require, but the client, Kelowna Flightcraft, is not the average customer. 🙂

Rudder Curtain
Rudder Curtain


Elevator Curtain
Elevator Curtain


March 27

Don S. Boat Cover

Although I have done many different boat covers, this was my first custom one for Trenholm Sew-All. It was definitely a challenge with all the windows, etc, but it was fun.

This isn’t actually the final design as I forgot to take pics. It is almost identical, but we decided to modify the front hatch. The original design had stress points that tore, so the hatch was modified with zippers that extended up the whole front.


Update 2014: This post is for sample work only. I only make boat cover repairs, not custom boat covers.

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March 27

Custom Electronics Bag

Besides starting businesses and watching them grow, it’s also interesting to be involved with someone else who is heading that way. That is what I was blessed to be a part of with Jason Poitras and Field Talk Radios, before he sold it to another entrepreneur.

He came to me at the very beginning of his project that uses blue tooth technology to interact with various survey equipment. He had a bag designed to strap the equipment to surveying tripods and wanted a local company to do the production. What started as 10 units in March, that took a few months to sell, has now translated into 60 more units in the same time period, and ending up making hundreds. Well done!

So, here’s the pics:

Front of the bag with flap open:

Backside with both straps showing:

Field Talk Radio Bag – back

Backside with top strap detailed velcro closure and vinyl to help it stay on the pole.

Original posting: June 8, 2008