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Organizing the Spice Cupboard: Step 1

I have been wanting to thoroughly organize our spice cupboard for a long time, but was at a loss on how to approach it. I’m thankful to our daughter Brianna for giving me the great idea of using small canning jars, as it lead me on a succesful search.

One of my favourite shop-stops – Dollarama – provided some nice options. I’ve always loved the spring clip lid bottles, and these were nicely priced at $2 each for the large, $1 each for the medium, and $1.25 for two of the small or extra small.

Their volumes are: large – 3 cups, medium – 1 cup, and small – 8 tablespoons (1/2 cup), extra small – 5 tablespoons. I mainly want the larger of the small ones because I prefer the octagon shape over the cylinder. I would have preferred all to be square, but there were only so many of each.

The Spice Jars

spice jars

For labelling, I choose the “invisible tape” used for wrapping presents because the tape sticks well, but can easily be removed by soaking in water a few minutes and leaves no residue; also, permanent marker doesn’t wipe off.

These neat step riser organizers are from Walmart at $10 each. The plastic coated wire shelves were pretty slippery, and jars were sliding off, so I put some shelf liner (as seen in the two top shelves, and another dollar store find) to keep bottles secure on the shelves.

 Riser Shelf


So this is the beginning of an ongoing project. Check out my follow up post, Step 2 – Organizing & Bottling.

Organizing the Spice Cupboard – Step 2

Sorting & Bottling

As talked about in my original post Organizing the Spice Cupboard – Step 1, I finally decided to tackle the dreaded re-organizing chore.

It took several hours of shopping at “The Dollar Tree” and “Dollarama” for jars, and “Walmart” for a small step shelf, and an entire day to sort & accomplish the bulk of the organizing, with still some left to do, but it’s looking pretty good.

This picture was taken right after the initial organizing. Before this all started, there were four blue baskets full of plastic bags of spices, but they’ve since been replaced with those cute little spring-lock cap jars which are sitting on the Walmart step riser shelf at left. (See previous post for pictures).

Spice Cupboard - First Go

 The First Go-Through

On the right side of the second shelf sits the larger containers I buy from Costco. These are typically mixed seasonings , like Greek salad dressing seasoning, or Spicy Pepper Medley (our obsolute favorite on steak!!!!) From the Club House Seasoning company.

On the right side way at the back of the first shelf, it is a bit hard to see, but there is a set of three small spice racks that hold 6 bottles each. I’ve never been very keen on them, but it was all I could find at the time. At the time of the first organizing, I figured I’d keep them for seasonings that I only keep small amounts of, but have since decided to just go with smaller, similar jars as the new snap lid ones.

The blue baskets are obviously still in that picture, but have recently been removed in the recent tweaking.

This next picture is what it looks like now. I actually ended up with a few bottles too many for the shelves, so I will have to sort that out.

Nicly Organized
Nicly Organized

The bottom left shelf still sports the same two step shelves, and some other odd shaped bottles, but I’ve added a third step shelf to the second cabinet shelf. I could not put it in the bottom shelf as a third one was just too wide.

Same items on right hand side of second shelf, but spice grinders and mortar and pestle have been moved into the middle.

Top shelf is my overflow shelf. I buy bigger bags of seasonings we use a lot like garlic and onion powder and sea salt, so I got those larger snap lid jars for that kind of stuff. The large plastic containers are my overflow of spelt, rye and buckwheat, which we buy in 20kg bags and we only have so much space for 5 gallon buckets to store the bulk of the bags. It also saves me lugging those large buckets and dealing with those nigh to impossible  to open bucket lid as much.

I certainly hope you get some ideas from this and the previous post for organizing the spice cupboard. 🙂